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Web Content, ULR & Keyword Filtering

Zero Implementation and Support Costs!

Our web content filtering services are fully managed cloud services, which means that there is no need to buy any additional hardware or install software on end user individual PC’s or servers.

All that is required is for the Managed Connections team is to create an account on our systems for you, specify your filtering settings through our website interfaces, we or our value added resellers can then remotely change the settings on any of our supported hardware and for end users to enjoy the internet knowing that end users and your networks are safe!

In order to protect our various venues networks and their users, Managed Connections provide a variety of ways in order to provide web content filtering to suit almost any scenario.

You may or may not care what web pages your hotspot or other router based users access. However, in certain scenarios such as church or temple based communities, schools or various under age facilities, access to adult or gambling content for example is very undesirable.

In SME & Enterprise situations we are being asked more and more to block employee access from social networking, video streaming, and other sites as well as the other more obvious site types.

Our service allows you to apply content filters for such usages from £5 per connected router. Unlike other similar services we do NOT charge per end user device!

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Malware and Botnet Protection

We offer proactive cloud protection for our users including blocking of malware and botnets.

Those users protected by Managed Connections are protected against cyber criminals trying to steal important data or turn computers into their obedient «zombies» who take orders from their botnet command centres.

Content Filtering

Block all dangerous websites, such as pornography, violence, alcohol & smoking and other categories you may choose. Our database contains information on 5 million websites listed under 50+ categories.

Among those are extremely dangerous websites (hotbeds of malware or Trojans and botnet command centres), only-adults resources, social networks and forums and many other categories to help you shut off the websites you want to avoid.

Your Network Working Reliably and Fast

Our servers are distributed widely with the workload on them geographically balanced, allowing us to provide both better reliability and speedier access to the Internet that you might already experience.

While you focus on your business we will take care of the safety within your networks!