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Secure Captive Portal Hotspots

Secure managed WiFi hotspots with added analytics…

Do you want to give your customers a free, public WiFi hotspot? How about one that gives you legal protection, increases your marketing database and generates money for you?

With internet access a daily need for most consumers, businesses are increasingly expected to deliver free WiFi hotspots for employees and customers alike. Despite installation and running fees, the benefits outweigh the costs through increased footfall, additional trade and increased customer time on site. Now what if you could install a WiFi hub that delivers all these benefits, and also increases the size of your marketing database, allows you to communicate instant marketing messages and gives you legal protection, record what your users are doing all in a highly secure way that is easy to use? Sound good? Our cloud managed captive portal WiFi hotspot product gives you just that, and here’s how:


A managed captive portal WiFi hotspot is an affordable, competitive system for businesses to offer their customers a standard free WiFi hotspot, plus the system has some additional innovative features. It requires customers to login with their personal details or social media account, in order to obtain and benefit from the free WiFi hotspot. This gives legal traceability to each browsing session and also provides you with personal data and instant marketing options. Here are some of the product features:

Legal Protection

In the last few years, there have been an increasing number of court cases and fines prosecuting businesses for illegal downloads. Unfortunately, these illegal downloads are often made by clients or guests, yet there is no traceability and so the business, not the individual, is liable. With WiFi customer anonymity is removed, giving you real-time data on browsing sessions and allowing you to legally link specific activity to specific customers. It might be few and far between, but this feature could save you from unsuspected fines should someone use your service to download illegal files.

A Growing Marketing Database

Recording specific personal details input by the customer themselves, you are free to communicate with these new customers direct and add them to your marketing campaigns. It is estimated that 75% of customers will opt-in to receive marketing messages (particularly with the right incentives), so your database could grow by 75 people for every 100 who use the WiFi service. Translate that into repeat visits and more sales through loyalty, incentive and discount initiatives and the managed WiFi hotspot will pay for itself.

Instant Direct Marketing

It is easier to get sales from existing customers than to generate more; so the person already sat in your premises is more likely to buy than someone walking past. The managed WiFi hotspot system allows you to direct message your customers while they are in the building, offering incentives for time-sensitive additional purchase and repeat visits; used properly, this can increase the average spend per head, generate additional daily sales and ensure repeat visits in the future.

Social Media Connectivity

If a customer has logged in using an existing social media account, you can incentivise and encourage them to promote you via social media, even going as far as offering pre-programmed messages. It might sound odd, but this will help you maximise word of mouth promotion and can be a great way of encouraging footfall and brand awareness.

How does it work?

MCL Simple How It Works Diagram


And that’s not all; other benefits and features include:

  • Your venue & information about it to our global wifi network directory, allowing our roaming wifi end users to find your venue from the directory that we provide to them
  • URL & Keyword Filtering allowing you to limit access to specific sites and key words typed by a customer or employee user
  • Full customisation / white-label opportunity meaning your brand is put in front of all potential customers
  • QiFi offers you the ability to ask for a small or large number of questions to be answered before internet access is allowed, perfect for Retail and leisure venues, etc
  • Free advertising; serious mobile internet users and portable-office workers look for the best internet connectivity and they’re great at word of mouth promotion. What’s more, there are websites where you can list your business for free, highlighting the free WiFi as a USP.
  • SMS messages can also be sent to new users validating their mobile numbers are correct, if not correct they will not be able to access the WiFi hotspot services
  • Users can be redirected to the venues own site or specific site pages forcing users to view new products, promotions, notices, etc

If any these services are of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 0333 5777 247