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Roaming Wireless Network Access

WiFi access at 1M+ premium hotspots in 80+ countries…

  • One plan for worldwide WiFi access for up to 3 devices per user account
  • Control your budget with secure online payments & usage monitoring
  • Free software to securely detect, connect & record
  • No download quotas
  • Low-cost service with simple pricing plans

Roaming Network Access Options

Managed Connections’ Cloud Managed Wireless Network

Our own deployed networks provide access to a large and growing number of hotspot locations.

Our own wireless networks have been deployed primarily into secure sites for Public Sector and large Enterprise organisations, where almost all users are either guests to their sites, employees where they are allowed to connect to the guest networks or they are Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) that have been specifically allowed to connect to either the guest or internal networks, in both cases Managed Connections handles the authentication that allows these devices to connect or not.

Aggregated Partner Network

With various operator partners in a growing number of countries, our aggregated network of premium locations and crowd-sourced hotspots delivers global network coverage. Your customers or employees will enjoy unified Wi-Fi service worldwide in airports, cafés, hotels, bars, metropolitan hot-zones, convention centres, and more.

Your Own Network

Our carrier grade platform is at the heart of our services.

The platform will support your existing wireless networks authentication service as well as direct network agreements with hotspot operators to provide a single integration point for your Wi-Fi roaming requirements.

Our API is available free of any charges for any wireless or internet kiosk network providers allowing them to connect to our central platform, so no barriers for no wires!