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Cloud Integrated Voice & Video

Secure Mobile & Live Video Systems

Live Streaming Transmission

Managed Connections deliver a unique solution for mobile video and data recording as well as live streaming utilising the MCL SmartIP VPN Tunnelling service which uses a proprietory communications platform. The connection can be established over GPRS, 3G, 4G and Satellite connectivity links to provide the most versatile media transmission connections possible to ensure data availability when it counts.

The use of 3G & 4G provides increased bandwidth and faster updates which facilitates near realtime streaming of both high and low definition images, video and data may be streamed simultaneously over the VPN tunnel.

Video Imaging

Managed Connections provides hardware which enables local recording and remote transmission of HD & SD video using IP or analogue camera technologies. Our systems

also enables the use of secure WiFi cameras to be used within rage of a vehicle or Peli case based recorder system, and as the IP cameras feature audio this too can be
recorded and reviewed remotely from operator control rooms or supporting response vehicles.

Ruggedised Hardware

Managed Connections ruggedised vehicle and mobile Peli case mounted recorder
systems feature hybrid functionality allowing the incorporation of both IP and analogue cameras, with GPS tracking allowing accurate locational information to be gathered along with date and time stamps. The hardware systems support both wired and secure WiFi camera connectivity allowing the central recording and or streaming of bodyworn and their audio streams.

Our hardware can accommodate camera resolutions of up to 2MB per channel with
ruggedised units available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel versions.

Device Control

Our hardware is capable of controlling remotely activated equipment such as in vehicle safes, door locks, etc which may be used to store high value goods, cash or even firearms, the same system can be used for disabling and enabling vehicle functionality.

Networked Review Capabilities

Managed Connections can provide a variety of control room software applications which are capable of providing review, control and remote management of connected equipment with duplex audio capabilities. These capabilities are confined to single remote fixed locations, our integrated systems allows secure bi-directional connectivity from suitably equipped vehicles or smartphone applications.


Emergency Services
Cash in transit services
Prisoner transportation
Courier services
Social protection workers
Lone workers
Maritime monitoring

Differentiating Factors

Secure VPN tunnel with data acceleration
Quality of Service (QoS)
Live and recorded streaming
Bi-directional audio
Wi-Fi enabled bodyworn camera supported
Ruggedised systems
Provided as a cloud managed system

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Integrated Duplex VoIP Solutions

Cloud Managed IP PBX Services

Managed Connections in partnership with several VoIP & Business systems operators who provide reliable, feature-rich IP-based telephony service that can be used over our satellite, cellular and wireless internet access solutions.

This system can be used at almost any event anywhere, as well as any rural or remote location.

With pre-configured numbers, calls can occur remotely (even abroad at UK local rates).

Ideal for businesses that want ‘big company’ call handling without investing in a full telephone exchange, a powerful web portal provides tools from voicemail to e-mail and from call diverts to hunt groups and handset twinning.

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure with no need for new hardware or handsets
  • Free calls between sites connected via IP
  • Scales to match business needs
  • Connect remote & sales staff & cut international calling costs when travelling
  • Reduced expenditure on technical support
  • Simple to install & use
  • Advanced online call management
  • Music on hold, voicemail, call forwarding & transfer for a professional image

Offering an easy to manage self-administration interface and a featureset to rival much more expensive traditional PBX systems, the hosted PBX provides a simple and cost effective route to IP telephony for any size of organisation from a single user on a broadband connection to a multi-site enterprise with 1,000s of telephone users, and is perfect should an event require a full duplex telephone system rather than just a PMR radio network.

Access is through a dedicated broadband or leased line connection over a secure VPN tunnel whilst a web portal provides tools from call barring and forwarding to voicemail and auto attendant. Customers can keep their existing telephone numbers.

  • Free calls between on-net sites
  • Competitive pricing against ISDN
  • The ultra reliability of IP phones (broadband & analogue connections)
  • Reduced expenditure on technical support
  • Does not need updating and maintenance – unlike PBX
  • Advanced online call management
  • Music on hold, voicemail, call forwarding & transfer for a professional image

Unlike traditional premise-based PBX systems, our cloud telephony applications are accessible to any user at any time wherever they are, provided they have access to a broadband internet connection, should users be utlising our satellite, Mobile 3G/HSPA or wireless networks, they will require our portable gateway, which also provides each user with a UK fixed IP address.

If you’re out of the office, calls can be routed automatically to where you are. If you’re not available to take a call, voicemail can be automatically emailed to your inbox or stored on the PBX for later retrieval.

All call routing provided through the Managed Connections cloud managed VoIP applications can be operated over all our satellite, Mobile 3G/HSPA and Wireless broadband networks, thus allowing us to provide excellent call quality on connections that are traditionally poor quality for these types of applicatons.

A cloud hosted PBX system can be provided complete with pre-configured and managed handsets from our range of approved and tested handsets.

Call us to find out more on +44 333 5777 247