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Our Global Network

Stay Connected Worldwide!

We are more than just Wi-Fi!

It is now possible for our users to travel the world and not spend extortionate amounts of money on large wireless data or access costs from different providers in different location, we provide a single account.

We provide service providers, carriers, OEM and other partners with a global network their and our customers and or employees can use to stay connected.

We provide access to a unified, global network of more than 1,000,000 premium hotspots in 100 countries and enable our customers usersto access to these locations in one‐click (A single username and password plus WiFi software that detects and automates access to the hotspots in our network).

This world class WiFi network is the result of  year’s investment and partnerships with 80+ leading WiFi operators.

  • Connect at premium venues: airports, hotels, marinas…
  • 1,400 airport hotspots
  • 70,000 hotel hotspots
  • 35,000 hotspots in Europe
  • 44,000 hotspots in the USA
  • 150,000 hotspots in Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan…)
  • 4,500 hotspots in Brazil

Do you provide WiFi hotspots to venues? SIM cards to travellers? Do you manage an event venue? Do you manage a travel agency ? Does your customer base include international travellers of any kind or students, journalists or members of the yachting or caravanning communities?

Become a partner and offer global WiFi access packages to your customers or communities:

  • Choose from a range of white label services that can easily be packaged and promoted to your existing customer base under your own brand.
  • Our partner program can be put live for your customers in a matter of days.
  • Monitor uptake and usage in real time via a secure, online partner portal.
  • Enjoy dedicated support in English and French.