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Device Ranger Platform

Multi Tenant Approach

Managed Connections “Device Ranger” platform is a multi-level hierarchal system that currently supports up to three levels in order to implement several business model scenarios. From the top to the bottom they are:

  • Account – Could be a managed service provider, and or very large organisations
  • Sub-account – Could be a network operator, an IT department, specific location, etc
  • Device – This could be a single device owner such as Caravan park, Cafe, Hotel or a business, or anywhere single devices are located.

While the “Account” level is an administration level focused on the provisioning, licensing and overall settings, the “Sub-Account” and the “Device” levels are operational levels focused on the service management of the devices and the features they are offering to end users connecting to or using them.

Access Policy Management

MCL Device Ranger Diagram

Because of the multi-level user management and other features, Device Ranger provides complete remote service policy virtualisation.

The system also incorporates a full user role and permission system, allowing various administration user types with specific permission rules to access and operate the system.

Each tenant can perform centralised or distributed end user access policy management for example:

In the centralised policy management the tenants apply the required policies to the whole device network, whereas with the distributed access policy management the tenant controls each site area/device owner to create and manage his or her own user access policies.


Device Ranger has built in and configurable technology adapters, which automatically recognise the hardware vendor and adopts the proper vendor device based features. Therefore, adding a new device to a specific site area is really simple! The site area owner has only to specify the unique identifier (MAC ID) of the device, the vendor hardware and technology are automatically identified by Device Ranger and applied accordingly and instantly!

Please contact us if you are a hardware vendor or distributor wishing to add cloud management of your devices, we can offer this as a white label or own branded solution.

Cloud Architecture

Remote Delivery

Device ranger is a based highly secure and available elastic computing environment and architecture avoiding any local server hardware installation, configuration and maintenance.

In the public cloud Managed Connections is hosted in Two geographically separated data centres in UK with outstanding credentials providing the maximum reliability and security: 99.99% uptime SLA, regular automatic data backup, with lots of legal compliancy built in.