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Cloud Captive Portal, AAA & RADIUS

The cloud captive portal is part of the Device Ranger platform that allows a wide range of organisations to easily deploy Wi-Fi access via a web based splash login page. Venues can engage with their Wi-Fi users by presenting them with adverts, coupons, promotions, surveys, etc.

Merchants, venues, hotels, retail outlets, bus stations, small and medium enterprises and providers can use Managed Connections to easily connect with Wi-Fi users to sell products, services, present customer loyalty programs, and otherwise influence visitors, all white labelled for the providers.

Enterprises, schools, and agencies/institutions can use the Managed Connections cloud platform to easily provide fully controlled, secure and legally compliant Wi-Fi access to employees, guests, students, and other BYOD users, and to communicate as required to these users.

Whether your goal is to monetise the free Wi-Fi service you provide your customers, or simply to provide the easiest BYOD network connectivity possible, Managed Connections provides the flexibility you need to create a great Wi-Fi user experience.

Captive Portal Cloud Service comprises the following components:

  • Captive portal platform includes robust and flexible AAA functionality, capable of supporting virtually any hotspot or enterprise WiFi network.
  • Integration with social networks for social sign-on—Wi-Fi users can authenticate using their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social network credentials
  • Customizable information/offer delivery mechanisms—Add your logo, style , and otherwise customize your captive portal splash page
  • Managed Advertising portal

All components are delivered as a cloud hosted service, and there is no requirement to install custom servers or equipment other than UAM-capable Wi-Fi access points, controllers or NAS units.

Managed Connections AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service makes it simple to create engaging user portal web pages to enhance the on-site user experience with tailored information and promotions for a customer or guest user.

Use our captive portal splash page themed templates for the quickest deployment or, if you have more sophisticated requirements we can apply your HTML to create a fully branded to your own identity to enhance your portal.

Whether working from a template or designing your own web pages, you can easily incorporate logos and brand colours onto your splash page, flexible login options are also available with customised business logic.

Templates and support are provided for different size mobile device screens and platforms. The Managed Connections AAA and Cloud Captive Portal Service passes user device information and browser default language information to the web page for optimising the display on the fly and the user experience.

Leveraging insights gained during the login process, and aggregating that with other user data, provides merchants and venues with the data to dynamically tailor the users experience and enable the delivery of highly targeted coupons and promotions, when used in conjunction with the Managed Connections fully managed advertising, coupon and promotions module (coming soon).

Enable Instant Payments and Checkouts

With Managed Connections AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service, you can also enable instant payments and checkouts, and have the flexibility to set-up your own payment processor relationships. Supported options include both instant payment transactions and checkout processing. All payments are processed directly into your bank account and not ours.

Cloud Captive Portal Service Compatibility

The Captive Portal Cloud Service leverages the user redirect capabilities of WISPr 2.0 UAM enabled WiFi AP’s and Controllers, including those from Open Mesh, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Motorola and many others.

In addition, many of these WiFi AP’s and Controllers include advanced functionality that, when leveraged within the Captive Portal Cloud Service platform, will provide insight and information to enhance and optimize the user experience and portal effectiveness. This functionality includes Geolocation, Presence, and Dynamic Search Insight.

Logging and Session Table

Managed Connections AAA and Captive Portal Cloud Service captures and logs detailed records for all network access, providing administrators with the insight needed to address any network access security related questions or issues.

Administrators need to be aware of organizational accountability for network usage. Captive Portal Cloud Service’s Logging functionality provides detailed network access records that can be used to address various healthcare and financial services industry regulations, and other mandates that require network usage logs.

AAA Services

Managed Connections Cloud RADIUS is a service that provides a managed RADIUS/ AAA and 802.1X access security solution.

  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Accounting

Network access control for all users and devices

Managed Connections RADIUS is standards based and provides the authentication, authorisation, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure that organisations need to control and secure access to their networks and various services, delivering the operational efficiency and cost savings of a cloud service, thus freeing network administrators to focus on core internal security requirements.

RADIUS is the trusted and proven global standard for securing and controlling network access. It is the policy engine that mediates access through all types of network devices.

Managed Connections RADIUS works with our own firmware supported hardware makes and models, as well as any compatible network access gateway, including Wi-Fi Access Points, VPN’s, Firewalls, and other cloud connected access gateways from Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba, Aerohive, Open Mesh, Juniper, and other leading vendors.

Powerful and Cost Effective

RADIUS/AAA is a vital component of any organisation’s network and Managed Connections’ cloud RADIUS service is a powerful and cost-effective choice for a wide variety of organisations:

  • Small businesses that might not have considered RADIUS before can now get themselves a powerful 802.1x based security, at an affordable price, robust and that scales with their growth.
  • Larger enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies are now migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud, they can now add RADIUS to the list, eliminating the cost of local servers, simplifying administration, and gaining scalability.
  • Guest, hotspot and shared space access providers can now have a flexible and scalable RADIUS service option, that easily integrates with our captive portal splash pages to provide access control and usage logging, that requires no physical local footprint.
  • M2M, SCADA and Smart Meter network owners that need to control access and accounting for networks of end point devices such as smart meters, sensors, vending machines and other telemetry can now easily integrate the Managed Connections RADIUS solution into their network on a cloud service delivery basis.
  • Security services have many varied specialist requirements and Managed Connections has created an advanced set of modules for UK and other security services use which is totally unique to us, specifically around emergency incident access management such as Strategic Command & Control (sometimes known as “Gold” control) requirements, where police forces, army, fire and rescue services can all gain access to the internet and networks whilst still be logged and monitored as required, as well as having the ability to move from one location to another without authenticating with new credentials each time.

Advanced RADIUS Functionality

  • IP Address Management – Managed Connections provides flexible IP address management capabilities, including providing static IP address assignment and dynamic IP address assignment from a central pool.
  • System Logging & Reporting – Managed Connections under a RIPA (UK) or CALEA (US) request will provide all network login and traffic activity, and supports the export of CSV log files for use with external reporting and billing applications.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Cloud Service – The standard Managed Connections offering, providing a managed service residing our fully managed N+1 high availability private cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • “White Label” managed cloud service – the same cloud service, private labelled for resale by managed service providers, value added resellers, systems integrators, telco’s, etc
  • Deployed Nodes – Certain partners would be eligable to have one or more of our nodes deployed into their own data centres, all nodes are managed by Managed Connections as part of the package.