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About Us

Managed Connections Limited is a designer, developer and operator of white label and multi tenanted unified cloud device management platform (PaaS) provided as end to end managed services. 

Managed Connections focus on the following primary areas: 

1. Network Access & Authentication – Hardware independent – Connecting anything anywhere 
2. Secure Smart IP & Connectivity – Roaming fixed IP’s for remote telemetry/CCTV/M2M access 
3. Cellular Vehicle & Mobility Solutions – including BYOD, CYOD, COPE management systems 
4. Secure Integrated Voice & Video Systems – Live streaming & duplex voice over secure links 

Managed Connections Limited is a dynamic privately funded next-generation Cloud Managed Service Provider offering niche services specifically for Public Sector (Emergency Services), Enterprise & SME markets alike. 

Operating in one of the most dynamic growth areas of the communications services industry, we offer architecture expertise, systems integration, managed services, and delivery support to government agencies, enterprises, and service providers involved in planning, tendering, and deploying high performance wireless broadband, wired and wireless networks and all associated network access & authentication management control. 

As part of our overall offering Managed Connections provides fully managed, safe, secure, and legally compliant user access control solutions to a variety of industries.