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Device as a Service (DaaS) + Access Management Control

Legally compliant, secure internet access networks

  • Wireless & wired network access
  • Web based admin control panel
  • Cloud RADIUS & AAA services
  • Two factor SMS authentication
  • Monitored & controlled guest Wi-Fi
  • Wireless broadband (WISP) services
  • Web content filtering & logging

Cloud managed remote access VPN services

  • Take a UK IP address on the move
  • Manage remote modem data use
  • Pre-authenticate with your firewalls
  • Apply QoS & accelerate IP traffic
  • Remote CCTV & telemetry access
  • Secure your voip & video calls
  • Hide your location for security

Deploy and cloud manage your mobility

  • BYOD & COPE access policies
  • Secure your device applications
  • Control your device connectivity
  • Encrypt your voice, video & SMS's
  • Lock down comprised devices
  • Logging of app data transfer
  • Manage any connectivity links
100% Cloud Managed with full 24/7 Support