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Securely connecting almost anything in any location


Working in partnership with our customers


All our network services are Cloud Managed & Supported on a 24 x 7 basis

Network Access & Authentication

Cloud managed legally compliant wireless and wired networks for guests and internal users alike, Cloud based RADIUS, AAA and Captive Portal services, several authentication options, roaming user access across public wifi networks, etc.


Secure Smart IP & Connectivity

Cloud managed IP addresses, put a fixed IP address anywhere, remote to M2M, CCTV, Telemetry, modems, routers, apply QoS and accelerate traffic, secure voice and video streams, hide your location for cyber security, etc.


Cellular Vehicle & Mobility Solutions

A range of innovative cellular routers with advanced ESN features such as public WiFi back haul connection if not cellular is available, all designed specifically designed for harsh environments, BYOD & COPE access policies, etc.


Secure Integrated Voice & Video Systems

Cloud managed voice and video systems which can be integrated into existing MCL supplied wireless and authentication systems only allowing authorised users to access voice and or video services, full web based.


Device Ranger Core Features


Let Device Ranger manage all your end points and users through a single secure central system with a straight forward web based admin control panel.

  • Access management
  • Application management
  • Device management
  • User management
  • Device health & alerting
  • Data management
  • Multi tenant system
  • Cloud managed & supported

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Specialist Areas

Managed Connections provide a range of niche market cloud managed products and services to a wide range of sectors as shown below







SME's can now buy a range of our product and services online today

We now have the ability for small and medium sized enterprises to purchase our products which will be delivered fully configured and ready to use based on the information which is supplied during the order process. Value added resellers are also able to order our products through the same portal, click below to continue to the online ordering portal.

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